In a fiber-optic endoscope, the image is transported by an optical image bundle of flexible parallel glass fibres.

The image is enlarged by an eyepiece and projected in a manner that is visible to the eye. With a focusable eyepiece, the visual acuity can be adjusted to that of the viewer. The tip of the flexible endoscope has a lens with a forward view. iFlex industrial fiber-optic endoscopes have a bendable tip for a 360° view of hollow spaces. This tip can be remotely operated. In a space too small to bend the tip, for example in a pipe with a small diameter,

a prism can be mounted on the top for a sideways view when inspecting welds. Flexible endoscopes with controllable tips are used to inspect of castings, gear units, engines and more. To adequately observe defects, corrosion or pollution a high resolution (number of pixels) is imperative. iFlex industrial fiber-optic endoscopes have a high resolution and controllable tip (tip articulation).


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