X-ray systems for universal applications for 2D and CT inspection

The system design for YXLON X-ray systems for universal applications in 2D and CT inspections shows that the needs of customers are always prioritised.

Y.MU2000-D - X-ray systems


With more than 500 X-ray systems sold worldwide, the Y.MU2000-D is the standard system in X-ray inspections and can also be purchased with a CT option.

  • Robust and proven technology
  • High-dynamic radioscopy (HDR)
  • Manual and programmable inspection
  • NEW! Fast computer tomography. At one push of the button
  • Also available as an upgrade to existing systems
Y.MU60AE - X-ray systems


Non-destructive testing for a wide range of applications.
The refined concept of the MU60 AE offers the appropriate radiographic and computed tomographic inspection solution for a large number of casting types.

  • Flexible 2D and 3D inspection for various components
  • Intelligent inspection workflow for sample evaluation, batch processing and 100% inspection
  • Brilliant high-contrast image quality
Y.Cheetah - X-ray systems


Y.Cheetah – Experience the brilliance
The Y.Cheetah micro-focus X-ray system is developed to meet various inspection needs.
The performance and efficiency of this system in manually operated as well as automated X-ray systems remain unequalled.

  • Fast and simple inspection
  • 1-click operation
  • Zoom+
  • Power Drive
Y.Cougar - X-ray systems


Y.Cougar - FeinFocus X-ray system for 2D and 3D micro-focus inspection.
The Y.Cougar micro-focus X-ray system distinguishes itself from others by its compact design, requiring very little space. It is pre-eminently suitable for the inspection of smaller components.

  • Fast high-resolution inspection result displays
  • Laboratory system requiring little space
  • Simple operation


Y.Access100 - Rontgensystemen


Y.Access100 – X-ray system with ceiling manipulator for radiography bunkers.
The Y.Access 100 is an X-ray system with a multi-deployable scan manipulator hanging from the ceiling of a bunker. 

  • Great flexibility due to free floor space
  • Customer-specific design built from standard modules
  • Programmable track curves for reproducible inspection programmes
  • Wireless remote control


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