Well inspection camera, R-CAM 1000

A complete camera inspection system for water wells, boreholes and vertical pipes and fitted with a dual camera, LED lighting and SD card image storage.


The R-cam 1000 system is a compact and mobile system that can be transported in a standard car. Using this Laval R-Cam 1000 down-hole camera inspection system, video inspections of drill holes up to a depth of 300 m and a 50 cm diameter can be carried out. This professional and lightweight camera system has its own carriage system. It is powered by either a portable battery (12V DC) or the mains supply (230V AC). The well can be fully inspected thanks to the fitted down-hole camera and controllable sideway camera. The digital recording system (SD card) records and displays important data, such as depth indication, time, date and any text.

waterbron camera

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