Vivax vCam-5 sewer camera

A very user-friendly sewer camera from Vivax for everyone who carries out visual inspections, whether they are municipality workers, pipe unblockers, cleaning companies, building companies, and the industrial sector as a whole.


The vCam-5 control unit is the heart of the inspection system; ergonomic design, very robust and made for use in all types of weather conditions. Its durable design guarantees a long and malfunction-free use. The vCam-5 records video and stills on its 500 GB internal hard disk, directly onto a USB stick or on an SD-card in AVI video format. The standard functions are 4x digital zoom, a fully-fledged word processor, 512Hz/640Hz probe transmitters, recorded comments and an integrated Li-Ion battery. The built-in Wi-Fi interface makes it possible to immediately share live images via an app on smartphones and tablets with others, or to remotely control it via a computer.

All reels are made of stainless steel and are available with 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 metre long special ‘True Blue’ fibreglass cables that offer a maximum push distance and good flexibility in respect of curves.

The exchangeable camera heads with diameters of 18, 26, 34 and 46 millimetres, and a self-levelling image function, are fitted with scratch-proof sapphire lenses and high-intensity LEDs.

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