Tank inspection camera

We offer a serie of robust industrial Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras with powerful lighting for the remote inspection of large spaces and tanks.

Ca-Zoom tankinspectiecamera

An advanced camera inspection system with remotely controllable camera for the safe inspection of, among other things, chambers, silos, storage tanks, floating roofs, tank truck tanks, reactor vessels, drains and large pipelines. 
The 3 exchangeable camera heads PTZ 140, PTZ 100 and PTZ 70 have different diameters. The zoom cameras have been fitted with powerful controllable lights and a temperature warning system.

The manageable control unit with a VGA LCD monitor has joysticks for panning, tilting, zooming and lighting, and push buttons for recording and displaying photos or videos, and a text computer with time and date function for adding titles to images. With the Camera Control Unit, the images are saved on internal memory or a removable memory card. The cameras are suitable for use in air and water. The system comes in a portable transport case with wheels. Special stands, rods and a laser measuring system are optional.

Ca-Zoom tankinspectiecamera Ca-Zoom tankinspectiecamera

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