QuickView Standard

A zoom camera fitted to a telescopic rod with HID lighting for the visual inspection of sewers, pipelines, chambers and tanks.

QuickView Standaard

The QuickView Standard set consists of:

  • waterproof camera with 432x zoom (36x optical, 12x digital)
  • HID lighting for visibility to approx. 70 metres
  • lightweight telescopic rod made or carbon fibre, length up to 7.2 metres (5 metres and 9 metres optional)
  • safety vest with rechargeable battery, battery charger, control unit with joystick for zoom/focus and autofocus
  • robust transport case
  • upLink with 2 wireless 3.6" LCD monitors/recorders with up to 32 GB recording capacity for photographs (JPEG) and video (AVI) on the MicroSD card

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