QuickView drain & sewer cameras

QuickView is the ideal system for quick and efficient inspections of main sewers, drains, chambers and tanks.

QuickView put- & rioolcamera’s

Sewers, pipelines, manholes, drains, chambers and tanks can be inspected from street level with the patented QuickView® zoom sewer camera. Contractors use the camera to obtain a quick impression of the condition of the pipes and to document their investigation. Municipalities, local authorities and the Ministry of Waterways and Public Works use the QuickView to trace hidden deficiencies or blockages in a quick and efficient manner. A speedy QuickView inspection saves costs and limits the inconvenience for the surrounding area to a minimum. There are two models: the QuickView AirHD and the QuickView Standard.
For the existing model, the Quick View Haloptic LED, is an upgrade available: the QuickView AirPack. This AirPack makes  the use of cabling and jacket no longer necessary due to the internal battery.  Images can now be recorded directly on a tablet or PC.

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