Micro endoscopes

MicroFlex industrial micro fiber-optic endoscopes. Wafer-thin, robust and compatible.


Flexible and wafer-thin microfibre endoscopes are specifically developed by IT Concepts for industrial applications in respect of small inspection openings. MicroFlex endoscopes are ideal for checking small components, for inspections in the smallest of drilling holes, nozzles, turbine blades, inspections of series production and for testing the safety of relevant components. Microflex fiber-optic endoscopes are available in various versions: probe diameters of 0.5 millimetres to 1.8 millimetres and working lengths up to 2 metres. Adapted versions are available on request.

The MicroFlex endoscopes and endoscope video cameras can be linked to all types of video, display and recording equipment or to a PC or laptop using a USB camera.

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