HD-zoom camera mounted on a carbon pole with wireless transmission to tablet or PC. For a quick and safe inspection of sewers and pipelines and with a reach of up to 120 meters.

The QuickView AirHD system is a revolutionary new system in order to quickly and easily inspect the quality of a pipeline. This safe and user friendly system is easy to center and can be wireless controlled by the use of a tablet or PC.

Due to the use of a HD color camera one can see or store 4x more detail. Its basis is the patented Haloptic technology, which doubles the inspection reach due to 20x more light output and a perfect alignment of camera and lighting.

The QuickView AirHD set consists of:

  • HD-camera (resolution: 1280x720 pixels)
  • Motorised zoom: 360x zoom (30x optical, 12x digital)
  • waterproof camera housing
  • WiFi transmission from camera to one or more tablets (or PC)
  • 2x Li-Ion battery (incl. charger)
  • Smart Center for easy centering the camera and the light
  • Quad-haloptic lighting up to 120 meters in the pipeline
  • lightweight carbon pole, length up to 4.8 meters excl. extension piece
  • Measurement function
  • hands free set
  • Sturdy transport case
  • app (iOS, Android and Windows)


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