The Pearpoint P340USB Flexiprobe™ sewer camera is an industrial inspection system for sewers and pipelines.

The heart of the new P340USB Flexiprobe™ is the robust and weather-proof control unit fitted with an ultra clear 8" TFT display for very sharp and clear images. With one push of the button, videos and photographs can be recorded on a USB stick or removable memory cards. The digital images can be transferred and viewed on a computer straight away.
The P340 offers the choice of 2 new exchangeable ultra robust, high-resolution sewer cameras, made of high-quality stainless steel and waterproof up to a pressure of 11 bars (100 metres under water).
The Pearpoint Flexiprobe systems are available with coilers of 30, 60, 120 and 150 metres. The systems are equipped with digital image storage and survey possibilities via memory card or usb stick. With a localisation system and integrated sonde the camera can be tracked down above the ground.

The new installer's reel with a 30 metre cable is designed to handle the most difficult curves in narrow pipes. A localisation system and built-in probe can detect the camera underground.


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