The Proteus camera inspection system is a complete motorised and portable inspection system for visual remote inspections.

The Proteus system has all you need for pipeline inspections, to document your findings and to make detailed surveys on location. The renewed control unit features an integrated joystick control, ergonomic soft-touch keyboard and user friendly function keys. Snapshot and/or video images can be digitally recorded on Internal Memory, USB or SD media. Recorded images (snapshots and/or video) and surveys can easily be transferred to a PC by means of USB or DSHC memory card or using a WiFi network. The Proteus camera inspection system can be delivered with Wincan survey software.

The system is powered by mains voltage or by an external Proteus Power Pack. This power pack allows you a more flexible use of the system.

The cameras with LED lighting for the Proteus system are of high quality and are very reliable. Cameras are available in 3 versions: a Self-Levelling Axial camera, a Pan & Rotate camera and a Pan & Rotate camera with optical Zoom. Furthermore these cameras can be provided with a rear view camera, thus facilitating retrieval and better control of the system in complex pipes. The controllable cameras make it possible to inspect pipe walls, joints and side connections. With the 512Hz, 640Hz and 33kHz sondes built into the crawler, underground pipes can be easily located and mapped using a locator. The Proteus system is available with various useful accessories and with cable reels of your choice of 100, 200, 300 and 500 metres. Mini-Cam push camera's are also available in EX class, ATEX Zones.


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