The P350 Flexitrax is a completely motorised and movable inspection system for remote visual inspections.

The system offers professionals in the inspection sector the ultimate in mobile solutions. Although this advanced and affordable system has the simplicity and mobility of a push camera system, its characteristics and performance equal those of a complicated and very expensive inspection system.

The ultra-bright LED lighting and a powerful digital video platform assure an excellent image quality. The Flexitrax can be fitted with one of three exchangeable high-resolution cameras: a fixed camera, a pan/tilt camera and a pan/tilt/zoom camera with 10x optical zoom.

The P350 control module that has an ultra-clear 8" colour TFT display, offers a zoom option and alternates between photo and live or recorded video images. The Mimic™ setting displays the rotary and tilt angle, enabling you to continuously control these aspects. The P350 Flexitrax is designed to function well in nearly all types of environments. The control module and cable drum are robust and water-resistant in accordance with IP53. All images and reports are saved on removable CompactFlash memory cards.

The controllable bronze tractor can fully function underwater and is waterproof up to a depth of 100 metres. The precise inclinometer and probes provide data for (pipe) line lay-out and incline. The data can be transferred from the CompactFlash card to a PC or via a fast USB 2.0 connection. The included Windows-based FlexiSight™ software allows users to edit video images and convert reports into a Microsoft® Word format. Via wireless Bluetooth® technology photographs can be sent directly from the control module to a smartphone to provide your customer with instant imagery.

The P350 Flexitrax is small enough to fit into the boot of your car. And, as the system is mobile, it can provide you with access to locations that you couldn't even reach by car! You can either select a practical manually operated cable drum or a fully automatic cable drum with cable lengths up to 300 metres. The control module is compatible with the P340 Flexiprobe sewer cameras.


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