Opticon Benelux offers a wide range of industrial sewer cameras and camera inspection systems for the industry.

A push or slide camera, such as the vCam-6 HD, is specifically designed for sewer and pipeline inspections. A push or slide sewer camera is pushed through the pipe with the aid of a fibreglass-core strengthened camera cable. This type of camera is very suitable for a quick inspection of the sewer-building connection and curved pipes. Equipping the push camera system with a swivel & rotation camera, allows you to easily inspect pipe walls, joints and side connections. Some of the camera inspection systems are also available in an explosion proof ATEX Ex or Eex version for Zone 1 en Zone 0.

A mobile camera is often used for the inspection of a main sewer or a large diameter pipe (150 millimetres and up) and larger lengths. A mobile crawler has a camera that can pan, rotate and zoom-in. This allows you to easily inspect welds and side connections in a sewer or pipeline system. Equipping de mobile camera with a (motorised) elevator, one can simply adjust the height of the camera to the pipeline system. A mobile or robot camera can inspect pipe lengths of up to 500 metres.

Using a zoom camera or drain camera attached to a telescopic rod, such as the Full HD manhole camera, SVT4, a large pipe, main sewer or sewer drain can be inspected quickly, efficiently and affordably.


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