The P571Ex Flexicoiler is an ATEX explosion-proof inspection camera for carrying out inspections in a Zone 1 area.

The P571Ex with P455 camera is Ex "d" Group IIB T3 certified. The robust reel carries a push cable of either 100 metres or 150 metres in length. The P455 TwinView camera head has 2 cameras with LED lighting in the housing: one camera to look forward and a second, rotating camera to look to the side. It is ideal for inspecting welding seams, side connections and more.

The camera has an external diameter of 59 millilitres and is waterproof up to a pressure of 11 bars. As the TwinView camera head has no external moving parts, it is very robust. The easy to transport all-in-one system has an integrated LCD monitor with video and word processor to display text, time, date and the precise counter which indicates the distance travelled. This camera system is a very flexible and versatile instrument for industrial applications.


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