Opticon Benelux offers a wide range of industrial sewer cameras and camera inspection systems.

A push or slide camera, such as the Pearpoint flexiprobe, is specifically designed for sewer and pipeline inspections. A push or slide inspection camera is pushed through the pipe with the aid of a fibreglass-core strengthened camera cable. This type of camera is highly suitable for quickly inspecting sewer-building connections and curved pipelines inside petrochemical or food industry applications, sprinkler systems and more.

A crawler camera is often used for the inspection of a main sewer or a large diameter pipe (300 millimetres and up). A crawler camera, such as the Mini-Cam Proteus, has a camera that can rotate and zoom-in. Any weld or sewer/pipe side connection can be easily inspected with this camera. A mobile or robot camera can inspect pipe lengths of up to 600 metres.

For the inspection of wells and boreholes, we offer the Laval well inspection system. By means of a source inspection using the R-cam 1000 system, the condition of the water source can be determined quickly and efficiently and the correct regeneration technique can be applied.

Using a zoom camera or drain camera attached to a telescopic rod, such as the QuickView AirHD, a large pipe, main sewer or sewer drain can be inspected quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras are ideal for safely inspecting large spaces, such as storage tanks, floating roofs, chambers, drains and large pipelines. These robust industrial cameras can be remotely controlled. The large zoom reach and powerful lighting perfectly illuminates the details of welds, corrosion and pitting.
The SnakeEye is a small camera on a stick with a movable tip. A versatile instrument for remote visual inspections.

These inspection cameras are used throughout the industrial sector, by municipalities and pipe unblocking services in the inspection of sewers. They are also used by installation companies and in the construction, chemical and petrochemical sectors to inspect pipes, chambers or tanks. A number of camera inspection systems is also available in an explosion-proof ATEX Ex or EEx version for Zone2, Zone 1 and Zone 0.


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