Opticon Benelux has the right inspection solution for each application

IT Concepts' video endoscopes are ‘Made in Germany’ and are known for their excellent image quality and intuitive operation. Their compact size and light weight make the videoscopes easy to transport. The video endoscopes are available in diameters of 2.4 to 8mm.There is a suitable video endoscope for every application.


The Xled Video endoscope system is an industrial video endoscope with built-in High Power LED light source. X-Led2 endoscopes are available with diameters starting at 3 mm and offer an excellent performance for a very modest price.

XLED PRO-systems

The flexible deployable XLED PRO systems are high quality, handy, lightweight and equipped with interchangeable probes. The powerful FOLED hybrid lighting together with the HD Micro-Chip ensures high-quality image quality.
The XLED PRO videoscopes are available in diameters of 2.4, 3, 4 or 6 millimeters and with a length of 1 meter to a maximum of 7.5 meters.


The iRis DVR system is an industrial portable video endoscope with a large 180º rotating display and powerful LED lighting. Photographs and videos can be recorded on a removable SD card. The iRis DVR has a zoom function and offers the option of a 4, 6 and 8 millimetre diameter and lengths up to 7.5 metres

iToolDVR- systems

The iTool DVR system is characterised as a system with the most comprehensive applications, a separate base unit with a large display, a very powerful Metal Halide light source, image integration and zoom function. With the iTool, the images of the inspections can be easily recorded on a removable SD card. The iTool is suitable for all video endoscopes.


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