iRis PRO X portable industrial videoscope (technical video borescope) with video recording and a large 7 inch display.

With the new iRis PRO X Videoscope, still images or video recordings of remote visual inspections are digitally recorded in a selctable folder structure on the internal digital memory. For example, it is easy to add or select images per project or per inspector and use them for reporting.

Recorded images are easy to export via WiFi or USB. The simple addition of comments and the application of markers ensures quick understanding. The iRis PRO X has a 180° rotating handle and a 180° rotating screen. Adjust your screen so that the display is optimal and turn the handle of the videoscope for a comfortable operation of the touch control for the left- or right-handed user.

The iRis PRO X has a touchscreen display and rechargeable Li-ion battery that is easy to exchange. The high power adjustable LED light source and simple operation are the striking features of the iRis PRO X video endoscope. The endoscoopsystem available with probe siamters of 2,4, 3, 4 en 6 millimeters and working lengths of 1,5 tot 7,5 meter.

iRis PRO X video endoscopes are available with forward or, with the aid of a prism, lateral vision. 


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