PRO Series video-ENDOSCOPEs

Unlimited possibilities and excellent image quality

The new 7" PRO platform from IT-Concepts GmbH supports the entire PRO Series videoscope product line. The PRO Series offers a flexible system, providing both a portable and a workstation application with interchangeable video probes.This variety of combinations allows remote visual inspection in virtually all industrial applications. 

The PRO Series video endoscope features a 7" touch screen (1280x800 pixels), an internal memory and video probes from Ø2.4mm. The PRO Series video endoscope offers useful features such as; 360° tip control, USB image export with auto-sync, AIT and HD image sensors, interchangeable lenses, marking and WiFi for image transfer.
With the Dual View option it is possible to realize both the forward and side view direction at the same time.
For harsh conditions where the risk of wear and/or damage to the image sensor or tip is significant, the XTC PRO model offers the possibility to exchange the probe head. This exchange can be carried out in the field yourself and thus saves downtime and costs.


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