The Led2 video endoscope system is a very small and easily portable inspection system for all types of inspections. The video endoscope system has a flexible probe with a controllable tip.

xled video-endoscope

Xled Video endoscope

The X-Led2 video endoscope is available in various lengths with a 2-sided tip control (Ø3 and Ø4mm) or with a 4-sided tip control (Ø6mm). These industrial video endoscopes offer a forward or sideways view, with a view angle of 90°.

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With an integral High Power LED light source and iCapture Monitor (with Li-Ion battery option), this is a complete and easy to handle video inspection system. The Led2 video endoscope is delivered as a system with a monitor (no recording), or with the iCaptureDVR Monitor system. As the video endoscope is not mechanically connected to the monitor, the probe is lighter, simplifying inspections that involve rotating the probe.

The perfect connection:


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