iRis DVR 5 portable industrial videoscope (technical video borescope) with video recording and large 12.7 centimetre (5 inch) display.


Using the new iRis DVR 5 Videoscope stills or video images of remote visual inspections can be completely digitally recorded with a brilliant image quality. The 3.5x zoom shows every detail. Each movement of a component or drip from a leak is displayed on the 12.7 centimetre VGA display and stored on a SD memory card of up to 32GB.
In addition, the iRis DVR 5 is the first compact video endoscope in the world with a 180° rotating handle and a 180° rotating display. Set the display for optimal image quality and adjust the handle of the videoscope for comfortable operation of the tip controls for either a left or right-hand user.

The iRisDVR 5 video endoscope strikingly features extremely compact dimensions, minimum weight (1.35 kg), lithium-ion battery, 3-stage controllable LED light source and simple operation. The endoscope system is available in various designs, endoscope diameters of 4, 6 and 8 millimetres and working lengths of 1.5 to 7.5 metres. 
Especially for use in an environment with an increased explosion hazard,
the iRis DVR system is the only videoscope available as an ATEX EX model.

iRis DVR videoscopes have exchangeable lenses with the unique SmartFocus system. Without the need to change a lens, the focus distance can be easily adjusted from macro to infinite.


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