Crawler camera inspection systems

Modular inspection systems with crawler cameras contribute to a better view of pipelines.

Rijdende camera

Self-propelled sewer crawler cameras make it possible to inspect larger pipelines more in detail. The mobile crawlers are provided with “all-wheel” drive and, depending on the model, the choice of wheels and modular construction, are suitable for pipelines with diameters from 100mm to 2000mm with cable lengths from 100 to 500 metres.

These mobile crawler camera systems are easily portable but can also be mounted in an inspection vehicle. Optionally these inspection systems can be provided with a powered  or manual cable drum.

These modular systems can be upgraded with push camera systems, extra lights, laser analysis, Wincan survey software and various accessories to make inspection work more safe and efficient.

Mobile Crawler cameras are available in EX, classified ATEX Zone 2.

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