Equipment outlet

Inventory of demo models and former rental equipment for a favourable price including warranty. The assortment consists of professional equipment in excellent condition. The equipment was hired out for a short or longer period, or used for a demonstration. View what's on offer below:

Equipment outlet

EcoKit Flex Endoscoopset

Professional endoscope set with semi-flexible fiber-optic endoscope Ø 8.0 millimetres, length 600 millimetres with High Power LED light source and transport case.

 € 1.360

Equipment outlet

Endoscoopset met bestuurbare tip

Professional endoscope set with bendable fiber-optic endoscope and 2-way controllable tip; Ø 8.0 millimetres, length 600 millimetres; focusable eyepiece; 75W Halogen light source; system transport case.

 € 2.830

Equipment outlet

Video-endoscoop 4,5mm MSVI

Manageable video endoscope with LED lighting, diameter: Ø 4 millimetres; length 1.5 metres; records photographs and video on removable SD card; probe is waterproof, control unit is splash-proof.

 € 1.950

Equipment outlet

Completely set up inspection vehicle

Completely set up vehicle (Land Rover Defender 110 HT) for the inspection of sewers. This existing installation has a manually operated cable drum with 250 metres of cable and is suitable for the inspection of pipes with a diameter of 225 millimetres to 2,000 millimetres. Both the car and the equipment are hardly used and in perfect condition.

€ 47.000

Outlet met apparatuur
Outlet met apparatuur
Equipment outlet

Sewer camera Rico EAB black-white

A neat and well working system with 25 metres of push cable and a 33 millimetre camera head.

€ 950


Equipment outlet

Recon Scout XT Robot camera

Manageable miniature robot that provides real-time video exploration of a hostile or dangerous environment. The aircraft aluminium and titanium construction makes the Scout very robust so it can be easily thrown through a window or over a wall. The XT is provided with infra-red lighting, a strong engine and large wheels to prevent obstacles such as thresholds from becoming a problem. Can be remotely controlled via the manually operated control unit and broadcasts live video images of the situation immediately. Including MC receiver station for receiving images from a great distance (approx. 300 m). The video output can be connected to video equipment to record and display of the images; includes: High Gain YAGI antenna with stand and coaxial cables.

€ 8.970

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